What to Look for in Your First iCare Bed for Home Use?

A regular bed and a hospital bed, there is a world of difference between these two kinds of bed systems. The latter is known to offer users an extra layer of support and comfort to help address their special needs while resting or during their sleeping hours. 

This type of bed keeps users safe from accidental falls, at the same time also makes it easy for them to get in and out of it. Besides the elderly people, anyone could enjoy the benefits of using a hospital bed.  

For the disabled or anyone with some kind of infirmity or who is just simply not too well (either permanent or temporary), the use of a hospital bed would be essentially helpful to them.

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Sometimes, depending on your condition, even the professional doctors attending to your needs would even encourage you to get one. However, this does not mean to say there is a need for you to shell out a huge sum of money to get a good one. Here are some invaluable tips to help you buy. 

Key Features of a Hospital Bed to Look For

While hospital beds are built for greater flexibility of use and are supposed to be more patient-friendly unlike traditional beds, they are not all created equal. The iCare bed offerings belong to this classification. 

Electric beds are, by far, considered the most readily available type of hospital bed. They are most suitable for use inside a Canadian home and come equipped with electronic controls via a button panel or remote control. Hence the name. 

This type of bed is most recommended for home use because they empower the user in the sense that they can control their bed on their own. This eliminates the need to have a family member or care-giver operate it.  

Other types of hospital beds you might come across. This may include:

Semi electric

The main component for this classification necessitates manual action. This includes making use of a lever when making necessary height adjustments to the head part. As for the other components (smaller parts), they require less power. You also control them electronically, like the adjusting angles. 

A hospital bed under this category may come less in terms of the purchase price, however, they are less suitable if you are looking for something good for long-term use. 

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A manual type of hospital bed is not at all comparable to an adjustable standard bed frame, even when almost everything about it can be adjusted manually. This type of hospital bed still comes with a larger weight capacity, packed with several safety measures, and comes in different designs. Ultimately, they make up the reason why they are most suitable to bed-ridden patients. 


The specialist type of hospital bed is intended to cater to the needs of a patient with a specific type of illness. Like for instance, a bariatric type of hospital bed is best suited for home use by plus-size users. 

Other types of beds that you are likely to come across will include the Trendelenburg hospital beds. These are highly reputed to provide users great flexibility to extreme lows and heights. For instance, it can help users get upright fast, so they can also get off the bed in a snap.  


There is less worry if you accidentally fall from a low hospital bed. They normally come around 1 foot from the floor. Hence, users of this type of bed find it very easy to get out of it after waking up. As for the adjustable beds, they usually have a certain elevation also. This only means to say that you can lower them when you deem it necessary and get out of it in a snap.  


Of paramount importance, too, when trying to look for a hospital bed, that is in the league of iCare beds, is their safety level. It will always work to your advantage to see to it that you stick with verified manufacturers. Usually, they are the ones who have genuine customer reviews. 

The last thing that you want to consider buying is a tacky hospital bed. The odds are high that this type of hospital bed will collapse at the most unexpected time, which puts the user in harm’s way. Certainly, with that kind of bed for a patient, it is most prone to accidents.  

Finally, last but not the least, we need to look into the overall design of the bed itself. Sure, there are makes and build out there that feel and look more clinical than others. 

In general, if you are aiming to find a good at-home hospital bed that will meld well into your bedroom interiors and does not have that sterile feel, you may need to expect to pay a whole lot more than necessary.