Why DIY Styling and Home Staging Should We Go Along Together These Days?

It is safe for us to say that proper home staging is a method of visual merchandising. What you do here is incorporate some of the fundamental principles of interior design or concepts into your home to enhance your property’s visual appeal sans drawing undue attention to it. 

When you style up a house for the property market, that is analogous to how a guy, characterized as being a dapper, can dress himself up without drawing too much attention to his apparel. Both have something in common.

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The Relevance of Home Staging 

Sometimes we deal with a financial transaction. This can be as important as when you sell, say, your home. If you are a homeowner, wanting to put your property in the realty market and sell it, you would naturally not want to settle at a lower selling price. You would not want it to be in the property market for a long time. 

In terms of time and money spent, staging can be one of the most profitable endeavors you can pursue. Potential buyers nowadays aren’t just searching for something to live in; underneath their intentions to find a suitable space of their own, there is a deeper meaning to them.

They need to find a property that will be instrumental in pursuing their aspirations and thus bring them a step closer to the standard of living they’ve always wanted. 

Staging a home, when done the right way, can stir up a potential buyer’s emotional side. If that happens, it could result in a higher sale price for the property in question.

Another important reason why we say DIY styling your home can be very advantageous is because prospective buyers are repelled by the idea that they need to work on something before they can move in. 

If the house you want to market and sell will need to be worked on first before a buyer can move in, that is likely to become a turnoff right away. 

The usual practice when prospective buyers discover something that needs a fix is to subtract the cost of the repair work from their offering price. If they uncover too many issues to deal with, it will be a lot easier for them to just forego purchasing the home entirely and look for a better deal somewhere else instead. 

Home Staging and Its Impact on Property Sale Price

An increasing number of real estate agents have come to believe (as found in the 2019 NAR report) that staging a home raises the value of the property between 1% and 5% relative to other houses on the market. 

How Staging Affects Sale Price and Time on the Market

According to research conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), they found out that approximately 83% of buyers’ agents claim staging the property makes it easier for them to envision it as their ideal dwelling. 

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Staging a home is beneficial because it translates to quicker and higher-concentrated sales. According to 51% of real estate agents, staging and DIY styling reduce the amount of time a residential property will have to spend on the realty market.

In Relation to the Covid 19 Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 scare, the home buying and selling process in the country, and perhaps everywhere else for that matter, has no other way but to completely transform itself.  Otherwise, the industry of home styling will not stay afloat.  

Despite community lockdowns and the gamut of restrictions imposed by those in authority, the real property sector, together with the homeowners, resorted to taking advantage of the DIY styling approach when staging a property.

Staging, industry experts say, will remain an integral part of the real estate business and the property market. Simply because residential spaces that are well-executed look exceptionally good in marketing photos. 

And since the vast majority of property buyers nowadays prefer to look for a house to buy online, it makes sense if they will invest in producing good and high-quality online marketing photos. This will significantly help them in attracting the most interested buyers.

How is the Cost of Property Staging Affecting Your Home Selling These Days?

The cost of property staging these days, does it impact your ability to sell your property? Do you have any idea why model homes are selling so fast in the market like hotcakes?  The underlying reason why some homes seem to sell at a much faster rate than others is because the vast majority of them are professionally staged. They are “dressed up” so to speak to attract potentially interested buyers.

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Official statistics indicate that increasing the odds of a quick, premium-offer sale for a property is more realistic and attainable when you opt to style your home first.  With respect to the 2017 report of Profile of Home Staging by the National Association of Realtors, around 58% of property agents disclosed that styling a house for sale spiked sales price tags anywhere from 1% to a staggering 20%.

What is Home Staging Melbourne?

What is involved with home staging? Setting up your property and sprucing up your indoor spaces in a fashion that will improve its visual appeal and potential functionality is the core principle behind it.

You can take on a DIY styling approach for this, but the odds of doing things right increases when you enlist the help of a professional home stylist instead.  The truth here is, every homeowner has their own individual but unique styling ideas for their home. If you want to know what a professional home stylist can bring to the table, they can do more than just revamping your indoor spaces.

More than making your home look presentable and appealing, their styling concept has more of taking buyer trends into account. Besides, they also know if your furnishings are appropriate for the staging process or not, or if furniture hire pieces would be most recommended instead.

The main purpose of home staging is to take away the distractions and clutter that you are not aware of can be found inside your home. Unnecessary items you have inside your indoor space will not make your property easy to sell because it is not at par with the discriminating taste of potential buyers.

Unnecessary pieces you may have inside your house would include toys, high chairs, and custom types, pet beds, as well as obscure personal collections. Besides, you don’t want to showcase any personal items inside your house, from picture frames, family photos, souvenir items you had from your numerous out-of-town or out-of-the-country travels.

All decluttering efforts will result in a bare minimum look of your space. The next stage of this is to style your indoor space to suit the discriminating taste of the vast majority of property buyers as possible.

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The Real Cost of Property Staging

The expected costs of home staging services can vary. This will depend highly on if you are just going to have a consultation or partial staging. If you have already moved out and you need a fine selection of furniture hire pieces to stage your home, this may command a different price setting as well.

Another important thing to take into account is the sheer size of your property, as well as the number of rooms that will be included in the staging process. A once-off consultation may have you shell out a minimum of $200.

Things are a bit different though when you are in Melbourne or Sydney. Home staging rates in these regions are likely to fetch between $2,000 to $3,000 for hiring furniture pieces good for a 3-bedroom property and the staging process would have a good run for six weeks.

A reputable real estate agent will introduce you to a professional home stylist and thus can enlist their help for this purpose.  Meanwhile, some real estate agents can also double their role. Some of them, who happen to have a strong flair for interior design, can also work well for you as a professional home stager. When it comes to the cost of property staging, you can discuss it with them for a suitable arrangement, instead.