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Styling a House for Sale: Can You Take on the Challenge?

Styling a house for sale is, without a doubt, to most of us going to be a herculean challenge to take. This is especially true to those who do not have any relevant background about it. Those who have no idea how to improve the aesthetic appeal of a bland, lifeless room in their house will grope in the dark if they will resort to taking a DIY styling approach.

Preparing every single room inside a house for inspection and scrutiny by potential buyers sans the help and expertise of professionals is likely going to provide a not so stellar result.


When trying to put your home in the property market and if you want it to sell at a premium price, it is paramount to have the right styling for it. Styling a house for sale, when it is done the right way will certainly give your home that needed oomph, the winning edge you want it to have.

If your home indoor space is carefully presented, the property photographs you can have out of it will register very well. This way you can improve your chances of attracting more potential buyers and depending on how well you present your home for sale, you can hope to engage more parties interested in buying it. Its marketplace presence will become a huge success, both in cyberspace and in the flesh.

Most of the time, property owners are oblivious of the different facets of their property which can make it deviate from its appeal. Therefore, a trained outside party can significantly help in making the big difference you are looking for. At a minimum, you can invite a professional home stager for this purpose. Such an individual can spot areas of your indoor space that are wrong or could be needing improvements.

Cost of Property Styling

In today‚Äôs rating game for professional home stagers, services of this magnitude, inspecting the indoor spaces of your house and making necessary recommendations and suggestions — the services could run as little as $300.

A full blast staging service can cost you around $4000 to $7000. This works well for a 5-bedroom home and the campaign can run for about 6 weeks. This will have to depend, though, on the profile of your enlisted home stylist.

If you are more interested in taking on a DIY styling approach here, consider the most basic nuggets of suggestions and recommendations coming from the experts. You can find the most invaluable ones on the Internet.


If you want to style your home to sell it in the property market at a premium price, you should start by refreshing your home interiors first. Add some accent features and incorporate new home decor items to give it a new vibe. Doing so will help in making your home look at its best.

You can veer away from forking out thousands of dollars on new furniture right before your move, lease out those that you require for the designated on-sale period.