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How to Use Keratin Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair in Women?

If you think that men have the monopoly on matters pertaining to hair loss, that this problem is exclusive to them alone, please remind yourself that thinning hair in women exists. It is a major concern for them, too.

Thinning hair in women creates a far deeper and more profound emotional impact on them. Reason being that women normally associate their luscious and dynamic volume of hair to their overall looks. Therefore, if they are going through a round of female hair loss, this means to say that their overall appearance would be at stake, too.

There is a manifold of ways on how to thicken hair in women. One of which is the use of hair fiber products. High-quality hair fiber products are usually made from flecks of keratin. This is the same protein from which human hair is made of. Hence, giving the user the appearance of having natural-looking hair.

Keratin hair fiber products work by adhering to your existing hair strands. The result of which is creating for you the illusion of a full volume of hair on your head, effectively concealing bald and thinning areas. This is the reason why these products are sometimes referred to as hair concealer products.

Hair fiber products are gender-neutral products. This means to say that both men and women, for as long as they are afflicted by the thinning volume of their hair, can take advantage of it and experience its transforming power.

Irrespective of the underlying hair loss causes an individual may have, keratin hair building fibers can provide an instant solution to your thinning crown. It can instantly improve the existing look of your hair, sans an attempt to regrow your real hair.

There is one minor downside to the use of hair building fiber products, and this one’s an almost negligible part. It might take some time and practice for a user to learn how to properly style his hair. Most especially concealing the spots of the head that had been thinning and have lesser amounts of hair. Here are some valuable tips to help you make the most of this type of hair care products.

Tip 1. Use your hair fiber product on dry hair only. 

Hair fiber products work by adhering themselves to your existing volume of hair by virtue of static electricity. This is an attribute of keratin hair fibers and the number one reason why we encourage users to only looking for keratin-based hair fiber products because they naturally have strong static electricity in them. Thus, they will stay longer after application.

For best results, apply the product after drying your hair. Applying it on wet hair will just make it lumpy. We don’t encourage the use of hair styling products over hair fiber because they will render the keratin fibers to have a hard time adhering to your hair.

Tip 2. Pick out the right color for your hair. 

Hair fiber products come in a variety of shades. These are the most common hair colors we have, and therefore you just need to pick out the right shade that matches your hair’s natural color.

The best approach here is to try a combination of two colors. First is a lighter shade, and second is a darker shade. Apply first the lighter shade to your hair and top this off with the darker shade.

Tip 3. Apply only the right amount of hair fiber

Always aim for a natural look. You can easily achieve this by not overdoing things, and not applying too much of the hair fiber product. Usually, a small amount of a high-quality keratin fiber product is more than enough to conceal female hair loss. Too much of anything can be detrimental and may give you an odd-looking hair.

To some users, it will take some time and practice to get the hang of it. So the use of fewer hair fibers is highly recommended as opposed to applying excessive amounts of it. Experimenting with its application is sometimes necessary to help you achieve your desired stronger effect.

Tip 4. Watch out for water and moisture

Water and moisture, much like hair styling products, are a nemesis to hair fiber products. They should mix the moment you applied the hair fibers onto your hair. Otherwise, the results would be disastrous. Therefore, after applying hair fibers to your hair, you need to veer away from getting yourself soaked in water, or you run the risk of rinsing them off.

You may resort to the use of fixative spray, and hair fiber products usually come with this kind of product to complement their hair fiber offerings. However, it will not hold strong against water and may eventually rinse out with water.