How Modern Shower Stool Today Can Help Bring Back Safety to the Bathroom?

Nothing beats a cool shower in the summer or a hot water bath in the winter, yet some people are deprived of these basic pleasures simply because of their physical handicaps.

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Some of the elderly and handicapped individuals are hesitant to enter their bathrooms and take a shower because they fear slipping and falling on the floor. Even their relatives are unsure if they should let them accomplish this alone, or under the supervision of a caregiver. 

Furthermore, their concerns are entirely justified, as most people find it extremely difficult to shower or bathe on their own without the assistance of another person.

When a simple activity like this suddenly becomes onerous and risky, regardless of the underlying reason, it is time to invest in a modern shower stool. These assistive showering devices will go a long way toward keeping the user safe and secure while bathing/showering.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the bathroom/shower room is by far the most dangerous area in every home, since the overwhelming majority of accidents happen here. Everyone is affected, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

Accidents in the bathroom or shower area can happen at any time, which is why you should think about acquiring a modern shower stool for yourself or the elderly members of your household. Anyone, whether able-bodied, disabled or elderly, can benefit from using this type of bathroom assistive device.

Here are some good reasons why you need one of your own. 

Shower chairs make the job of carers and caregivers simple. 

Shower chairs help carers be more effective, helping them to concentrate on their work without worrying about fatigue. You are less likely to get frustrated when bathing someone if they are seated safely and comfortably, and it is not necessary to exert so much of yourself physically.

Modern shower stools make it possible for users to bathe on their own. 

There are many different kinds of shower assistive chairs that can help you and/or your loved one get into the shower or bathtub with the least amount of effort. 

There are also shower chairs with wheels, those which are built to work with toilet seats l, and other chairs that have varying sizes, built that way to make the user feel as comfortable as possible.

Modern shower benches or stools allow users to relax while taking a shower/bath. 

Assistive shower chairs help you relax, even for a moment, while taking a bath or showering. Even if you aren’t really in need of a shower chair or bench, having a warm stream of water pamper you is always nice. Shower seats are also an easy and pleasant alternative for men who need to shave. 

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Doing something pleasant, like having a scrub or using a luxury skin-care product, makes you happy. It will be much more pleasant if you can do it while sitting down and you can actually relax. 

It keeps you safe in the shower/bathroom.

Installing assistive shower seats in the bathroom/shower room mitigates the likelihood of accidental falls and slips while taking a bath.  The shower chair is for everyone: people of all ages, young and old, but they are most beneficial for those who have mobility issues. You’ll finally be able to relax and unwind in the bath without having to worry about any hazard.

Wrapping Up!

The shower area or bathroom in your house need not be dubbed or labeled as an “unsafe space” or “accident-prone” area in your home. You have the power to make it safer, and a modern shower stool or shower chair can make that happen. It is a smart investment to make, both now and in the long term.

The moment that you come across a top-of-the-line shower chair, you’ll wonder how you were able to get through all these years of not having even a single one.