What Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Melbourne Doctors Say About Exercises T-Levels?

Reduced amounts of testosterone in the male human body, according to testosterone replacement therapy Melbourne doctors can affect his body in many different ways. So much so that when he finds himself with this condition he would eventually realize how it can change everything and thus adversely affect the quality of his life.

If you are “suffering” from the reduced amount of testosterone in your body and is affecting your sex drive, energy, mental health, muscle mass, and more, engaging in a regular exercise routine would help. Certain kinds of physical exercises or workouts can help induce your body to increase its production of testosterone hormone more than others. Some of the underlying reasons why exercise may help increase testosterone levels in your body is because it promotes:

  1. Muscle build-up. The greater volume of muscles you have in your body, the greater amount of testosterone you have in your system. 
  1. Weight management. Recent studies strongly suggest the connection between low amounts of testosterone in the body and obesity.  
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Workout Routines That Promote Testosterone Production

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Physical exercises that fall into this category have been found to enhance the production of testosterone levels. It also encourages that taking breaks and having rest for a minimum of 5 minutes is most beneficial to the body.  

Lifting weights for a minimum duration of 30-45 minutes about two to three times a week is highly recommended. To complement your efforts for your weekly workouts, consider engaging in cardiovascular exercises during your off days. This kind of workout combination will not just enhance your body’s T-production levels, but it certainly is going to be beneficial to your heart also.


Studies also show that lifting weights, heavy ones, in the form of exercise is best suited for boosting testosterone levels. This is because while you are increasing your muscle mass, you are also inducing your body to increase its production of more testosterone. Health experts recommend that you perform 2 sets of 3 to 5 reps, focusing more on larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings, quadriceps, back, and chest.

But this does not mean to say that it is okay to leave out the smaller muscle groups such as the calves, biceps, and shoulders. When you work out to strengthen the different parts of your body, you are hastening your metabolism. We suggest that you consider enlisting the help of a professional personal trainer for a minimum of one session just so he can demonstrate to you the ropes. This way you won’t get yourself injured.

Testosterone Lowering Exercises

If you are aiming to increase your body’s testosterone production and working out is part and parcel of your life, you will need to veer away from engaging in chronic endurance exercises or workouts. This would include hours of running or cycling.

Test results done on high-endurance athletes show that their bodies tend to have higher concentrations of cortisol. This hormone is the complete opposite of testosterone in terms of its effects on the human male body. The more hours you engage your body in endurance exercise, the greater the odds are that it will break down your muscle tissue.

According to trt Melbourne doctors, endurance training per se is not to be considered as something bad for your body, but the cortisol it produces can have an impact on your muscle volume, mood, and sleep patterns.

Contrary to this, cardio workouts (that is a minimum of 30-minute sessions, 5 days a week) will put your heart in tip-top shape. Aside from this, it will not induce your body to have excessive production of cortisol.